How it is not so good relationship for us ?


Deforestation has so many delicate effects on the changing climate. Through decades the rate of deforestation has increased by a upgrading speed . This growth of deforestation has so many side effects including soil erosion, flood, desertification, shortage of water, reduced biodiversity and also most importantly climate change. The deforestation and climate change are sincerely bounded with each other as the cutting down of trees is responsible for the declying and very influenced climate. This changed climate has so many various effects on both environment and all the living organisms on earth.

To know how deforestation and climate change are related to each other, you must be informed about what is deforestation and why does it occur.


Deforestation is the permanent clearance of wooded land or forested area to implement the land or the raw materials of the forest for human needs. Deforestation can either be natural or through human activities but the human caused deforestation is more impactful because it causes permanent loss of trees.

Deforestation has caused so effective that 48% of earths forested land has already gone. This measure loss of forest has constructed a serious effects on earths climate, making many hazardous situations.

But the question is, what are the main causes behind this terrible deforestation ?


46% of forest has been lost from earth since while mankind started deforestation. The causes of deforestation are so impactful that our planet losses 2,00,000 acers of forest each day. Is it not much to have a dangerous climate?

Agricultural expansion, logging and wood extraction, urbanization are mainly responsible for the increasing rate of deforestation.

Agriculture is of the most vital cause behind the deforestation and climate change. Only agriculture usage contributes 27% to the total deforestation in the world. Agriculture is also responsible for 15% loss of forested land in the Amazon rain forest. This huge amount of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest due agricultural expansion brings many difficulties in the atmosphere including Climate Change.

Wood extraction is another cause behind this destruction after agricultural expansion. A huge amount of trees are cut down in daily basis for the wood extraction. The wooden materials you see in your house are the products of deforestation. Did you know 30 million of trees are cut down annually only for the books sold in United States ?

Urbanization also contributes a lot to deforestation. It is said that Urbanization is the biggest threat to the forest as the deforestation by Urbanization is increasing by twice of the speed of the population of the urban. Urbanization is responsible for 5% to the worlds deforestation.

So these are the leading causes behind the deforestation . These towering rate of deforestation has resulted so many terrible world issues mainly including Climate Change. Deforestation and climate change are so co related with each other that only deforestation contributes 20% to the annual global green house gas emission causing a high level of climate change. But how deforestation and climate change related with each other? Read the following blog to find out the real reason behind this issue.


Carbon dioxide is a very important part of greenhouse gases. These green house gases are mainly toxic and absorb heat radiation. Burning of fossil fuel, air pollution, industrial emissions, automobile exhaust and also deforestation are the contributor to these green house gas emission which gradually cause climate change. But how does deforestation cause climate change ?

It has been estimated that tropical deforestation contributes approximately 20% of global green house gas emission which is dangerous climate change. Trees are the ultimate bank mainly for the carbon dioxide and other green house gases. Young trees estimate to absorb CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds per tree every year and at the productive age they are responsible for absorbing 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

By absorbing CO2 they release most of the vital products such as water, oxygen, food many more. Trees also use CO2 for the growth of branches, stem etc. But when trees are allowed to cut, burnt or just rot the stored carbon dioxide and other green house gases are gradually released into the atmosphere. These green house gases and carbon dioxide absorb a much amount of heat in the atmosphere thus causing climate change. In this manner the deforestation and climate change are related to each other.

Always try to be a part of solution not pollution.

Know the more effects of deforestation on our climate.




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Medium become a medium to improve myself in many ways..

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